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Selfsuite® have produced four Promotion Videos:

Our first video, called “Epic”, is a pitch to investors the describes the nature of Selfsuite® as an investment and our long-term vision for the venture. It runs for 4-minutes.

The second video named “Innovation” is a compilation of documentary and presentation clips. The video runs for 12-minutes and covers various aspects of the market, technology and investment opportunities Selfsuite® have identified.

The third promotion video “Play the Game of Your Life” is a user-oriented presentation which conveys both the brand values and the utility of Selfsuite®.

The fourth video is titled “Revolution” and is also a user-oriented presentation. The video focuses on the benefits of choosing further education, vocational learning or apprenticeship opportunities.

For Investors

Investor site access and presentations

If you clicked any of the above links then thank you for your interest.
Please note that access to Selfsuite® product development content is restricted.

To view this content it may require that a Non-Disclosure Agreement is completed
between Selfsuite and with you personally and/or with your firm.
We would also require assurances that you are willing and able to meet our funding criteria.

In addition, we would ask that you please provide Selfsuite® with details of any other investments, commercial interests or holdings you may have which are education, technology, software, games or leisure related.

If you would like to proceed we would be delighted to provide you with online access to the confidential content and if you are interested by what you see to then arrange a full private presentation of Selfsuite.

Please email either Patrick or Glenn Selfsuite® to describe the nature of your interest and request full site access.

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